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Systematic Theology
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Another necessary consideration in the study of SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY is the consideration of truth. Conservative theology holds that truth is what corresponds to the objects of its affirmations. This is called a correspondence view of truth. Since we now live in an age when conservative orthodoxy is being challenged more than ever, it has now become more than ever to both expound and defend the Biblical and theological stance of the correspondence view of truth.
In John 18:38. Pilate asks the question of what is truth?
True Biblical truth comes in two parts. First, the Bible is truth as per John 17:17. Then secondly, Jesus is truth as per John 14:6. Therefore, in short, when combining the Bible and Jesus, and Jesus and the Bible, you have real truth.
SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY is also dependent on logical thought. All claims of SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY are based on the laws of logical thought. Contradictions cannot be both true and false. Likewise, all conclusions of SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY are the results of both deductive and inductive thought processes. These thought processes will begins with an inductive study of the Bible which remains the source of all theological thought. Without logic, these thought processes, such logic would remain in impossibility.