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Carl Whorley, Professor Systematic Theology


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Job Chapters 1 - 2

Job was a patriarch, from whom one of the books of the Old Testament is named. His residence in the land of Uz marks him as belonging to a branch of the Aramean race, which had settled in the lower part of Mesopatamia. Probably to the south or southeast of Palestine, in Idumean Arabia adjacent to the Sabeans and Chaldeans. The opinions of Job and his friends are thus peculiarly interesting as exhibiting an aspect of the patriarchal religion outside of the family of Abraham and as yet uninfluenced by the legislation of Moses. The form of worship belongs essentially to the early patriarchal type; with little of ceremonial ritual, without a separate priesthood it is thoroughly domestic in form and spirit. Job is represented as a chieftain of immense wealth and high rank and blameless in all the relations of life. What we know of his history is given in the book that bears his name. Job is the third son of Issachar Genesis 46:13 & Jashub in I Chronicles 7:1. Easton

The name Job means persecuted. James 5:11. Job was a patriarch who resided in the land of Uz. Uz means fertile ground. While living in the midst of great prosperity, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a series of sore trials that fell upon him. Amid all his sufferings he maintained his integrity. Once more God visited him with the rich tokens of his goodness and even greater prosperity than he had enjoyed before. He survived the period of trial for one hundred and forty years, and died in a good old age, an example to succeeding generations of integrity, Ezekiel 14:14-20, and of submissive patience under the sorest calamities, James 5:11,  His history, so far as it is known, is recorded in his book. Smith

Job remains the Bible example of Godly integrity. It has been suggested by those who mean well, that Job would not have suffered these things if he were not such a sinner. These well meaning people need to review their hermeneutical evidence. Job was a very Godly man who exhibited only the highest exacting standards of Godly integrity. Their teachings are careless and unfounded. Such accusatorials of the well meaning people need to cease immediately.    
As Job chapter 1 unfolds, we see immediately the walk Job had with God.  Job 1:1 opens the Job manuscript with the word perfect. This would be an indication of ongoing spiritual or Godly maturity. Job 1:1 also indicates Job was upright.  An indication that Job’s rule of life was set by the morals and standards of God. Job also feared God.  It was not that Job was afraid of God, but that Job had a reverential respect for God.  Eschew means to side step.  Avoid.  To get out of the way. Job was a man who did all he could to avoid sin and the evils thereof in his life. Job did all he could to avoid sin and side step evil.

In Job 1:2-3, we see that Job was not only a man of amazing wealth and possessions. that his wealth was unmatched by anyone. Job’s exorbitant good fortune is what initially made him of such prime intrigue for the devil.
In Job 1:4-5, we see Job cared deeply for his children. It would seem all ten children took turns at having dinner parties at each one’s home.  And that apparently there was copious amounts of feasting and intoxicating drink. This concerned Job deeply. He would therefore, offer up sacrifices on behalf of his children.  But the reason for these sacrifices is where the Job manuscript becomes interesting.  Job offered up these sacrifices just in case his children at these dinner parties by accident cursed God.

Curse, as used in Job 1:5, comes from the Hebrew word barak/baw-rak'. This can mean to praise or extol. However, it can also mean to curse or blaspheme.  Accidentally cursing God was a major concern on the mind of Job. To the point that at the end of verse 5, we see that Job performed these sacrifices continually. The spiritual welfare of his children was of utmost importance in his life.

Verse 6 tells us that the sons of God and Satan came to present themselves to God.  These sons of God are the one-third of the heavenly angels, Revelation 12:6. these angels went with Satan/Lucifer, when Lucifer attempted to over throw God in Isaiah 14.

In Isiah 14:12-17, we see this attempted coup on the part of Lucifer. It was the desired plan of Lucifer to over throw God and take over Heaven.  In the process, he convinced one-third of the angels to go with him.  The coup attempt failed.  And now, in consequence, Satan, and these fallen angels, must now report in to God on a parole system. We see this in Job 1:6-7 & 2:1-2. In these verses we see this parole system in action. It has been more than once that Satan and the fallen angels have had to report to God. You will see this in Job 2:1.  Job 2:1 starts with the word again.
In Job 1:5-6, we see the first parole meeting between God and the fallen ones. In Job 1:7 & 2:2, Satan must present a detailed and itemized account of where he has been and what he has been doing. I Peter 5:8.

Many times in our christian life we wonder if God is paying attention to us.  We live our day-to-day life and it seems God is so far away.  We see in Job 1:8 & 2:3, that God is very aware of our lives. God is omniscient. That means God knows everything past, present and future. There are those who say they cannot become a saved-born again believer because their past is too bad.  Jesus knew your past before going to the cross.  But he went to the cross anyway.  Jesus knew your past before you did. But He loved you and died for you anyway. Romans 5:6 & 8. It was on the cross Jesus not only paid for your past, but with His shed blood, He also purchased your future in Heaven if you would just reach out and receive Him right now. Do that, right now

In Job 1:8 & 2:3, God literally brags on Job. God asks Satan if he had considered His servant Job? Consider means to study in great detail or to research in great detail. There were three things about Job that impressed God.  One, Job was a servant of God.  Two, Job eschewed evil. And three, Job was a man of spiritual integrity. These matters impressed the mind of God.
In Job 1:9-10, you have Satan’s accusatorial. Revelation 12:10. Satan’s accusatorial comes in two parts. First, his accusation toward Job, and then second, Satan’s accusation toward God.

Satan’s accusation toward Job is that Job only served God for selfish gain. Satan accused Job of serving God as long as there was something in it for Job. Quid pro quo.
Then there is Satan’s accusation against God.  That God had not only blessed Job beyond measure, but that God protected Job and his wealth. That as long as God had this protective hedge around Job, Job would continue to serve Him faithfully.  
In verse 11, we see how cunning the devil can be.  He tells God to take away all that Job has. However, we see in verse 12,  God assigns the destruction of Jobs property to Satan. The challenge is to get Job to curse God to God’s face.

Satan’s challenge is that if God would destroy Job’s personal wealth, both financial and property, Job would curse God to His face. When the devil attacks us in this way, this is what he is wants.  For us to blame God falsely. This is why Satan wanted God to destroy Job’s fortune.  So Job could successfully accuse God. However, according to John 10:10 & James 1:12-17, it is totally outside the character of God to do as Satan suggest. Therefore, God gave Satan the task of destroying Job’s wealth - not God.

In Job 1:12, God gives the devil permission to attack Job. I Corinthians 10:13. However, this attack does not come without restrictions. The devil can attack Job’s wealth, but not his person, health or life. In Job 1:13-19, the devil wiped Job out and included killing all of Job’s ten children.

It’s a matter of Job’s response in Job 1:20-22. What Job did and what Job did not do. In verses 20-21, he worshiped God. Then in verse 22 Job refused to blame God for Satan’s attack. God refused to fall for the devil’s trick of being the one to destroy Job. And Job refused to fall for the devil’s trick of wrongfully accusing God of Satan’s actions. In Satan’s first attack in Job chapter 1, Satan failed tremendously, while Job’s response was honoring to our Lord. Satan lost while God and Job won.
In Job 2, the test continues.  It is time for the fallen to report in to God the parole officer once again.  And, as can be expected, the subject of Job comes up … again. In Job 2:3, God refers to Job’s integrity and the fact that God permitted these calamities to come on Job even though Job had done nothing wrong. Many times when calamities befall us, it’s not God punishing us, but the devil putting us to the test to curse God wrongfully.
In Job 2:4, Satan raises the stakes.  He wants Job’s physicality. Satan wants Job’s body and health. Bear in mind, this challenge is between God and Satan. The challenge is to get Job to curse God to God’s face. And as in chapter 1, the devil wants God to be the  one to execute the test. Again God is wise to this and leaves the actual execution of the test to the devil. In Job 2:6, though God has given permission to Satan to attack Job’s health, God still controls it by telling the devil he cannot take Job’s life.  Again look at how God controls Satan and the situation.

This then presents an interesting question.  Can the devil go before God and request to have someone to test as he did Job? The answer is yes the devil can. Not only do we see this here in Job chapters 1 & 2, but also with Peter in Luke 22:31-34 & 55-62. Please note here Mark 14:66-72.
In Matthew 10:36, Jesus gives a great warning. That being, the devil will use the members of our own family to destroy us. We see the devil employing this methodology here in Job 2:9. The devil uses Job’s wife to attack him. Notice what she uses. First, his Godly integrity. Then second, curse God. However, the devil failed … again. Job did not verbally sin against God by cursing God, and stood strong and true in his Godly integrity and testimony.

Satan had the opportunity to learn a very valuable lesson. And that being, there are believers who love God just for Himself. Not for what they can get from God, quid pro quo, but love God just for Himself. Yes the devil took Jobs wealth, children and health for no reason at all. But Job maintained his Godly integrity and his testimony for God. The devil will never understand this. In the final end, how did all this with Job end? Please read Job 42:1-17 & Isaiah 51:7.