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Is being left handed a Sin?

Ask by Sam


The Bible does presents the right hand as the hand of strength (Exodus 15:6Psalm 118:16). It also suggest that sitting at someone’s right hand is considered a position of honor (Psalm 110:1). And, the right hand is consistently valued over the left hand in Scripture (Genesis 48:13-18Galatians 2:9). What does this mean about left-handedness? Does it mean that a left handed person is a sinner because of it, or has a lesser standing in GodIs eyes? No. The Bible’s emphasis on “the right hand” is simply a reflection of reality. The dominant arm is almost always stronger than the other arm, and 85-90 percent of people are right-handed. So, in the vast majority of people, the right hand is stronger. Thus, the Bible uses the right hand as a symbol of strength and honor.  Sitting at a persons right hand suggest power, stretching forth a “right hand” simply suggest offering help with power behind it.

These suggestions of the right hand do not carry any negative connotations for left-handed people. It is simply a matter of symbolism. Whenever the Bible mentions left-handed people, it does not present left-handedness as a weakness. Ehud, a judge of Israel and a mighty warrior, was left-handed (Judges 3:15-21). Judges 20:16 mentions 700 left-handed warriors who could “sling a stone at a hair and not miss.” First Chronicles 12:2 seems to reference bowmen who were ambidextrous. When the Bible refers to left-handed people, it speaks of left-handedness as an advantage, not a weakness.

So, in truth, neither the right or left hand is of any consequence in regards to sin, or position.  It is only a symbolic statement and does not in any way suggest a person is a sinner, or less in God’s eyes in any way.