The Clear Word 

A Ministry Of Mid-State Ministries  

Introductory lessons into the book of Philippians

By Evangelist Paul Dodson

Chapter 1
Verse 1
Lesson 1

Read Philippians 1:1-6

It is good when first starting a Bible study to stop and pray and ask God to give you wisdom as you study His Word.

As we start this lesson into Philippians, lets take a moment to understand who wrote it, and to whom it was written.

First, the Apostle Paul is stated to be the one God used to pin the Book.  This is stated in 1:1 " Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ..."  Of course one could assume from this that Paul  OR Timotheus could have written it... or both together for that matter.  However,  when one reads further we learn very clearly that Paul is the one pinning the words... "But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timotheus shortly unto you" (2:19).  

Another way that we can be assured that Paul wrote the book is by looking at the writing style.  Compare Philippians 1:1 with 1 Cor.1:1, Eph 1:1, and Rom 1:1.  Also, many of the same words and phrases that Paul uses elsewhere is also found in Philippians,

I might add here that it is not really important "who" God used to pin the words because we know that  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Timothy 3:16).  I simply make this point so we can better understand the writer.  Paul was in prison in Rome when he wrote this letter to the Church in Philipi.  He was nearing the end of his life, knowing that he would no doubt be killed soon if he didn't win his case and get out (book of Acts as well as a number of Historians).  Knowing this information, one can almost feel the urgency in Paul's writings as he reaches out to his spiritual children.


(1) Although Paul pinned the words, who is the actual Author of Philippians according to 2 Timothy 3:16? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

(2)  Name two of the three ways mentioned above that prove the Apostle Paul pinned this letter...______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(3)  Reading  Philippians 1:1, 1 Cor.1:1, Eph 1:1, and Rom 1:1 what two things does Paul consider himself to be? __________________________________________________________________________

(4)  If you were the Apostle Paul, having started this Church, traveled weeks upon end to visit it afterwords, had prayed hours upon hours for the people there, and was now in prison most likely going to die soon, what are some of the key things you would write in this last letter to them?

(5) Many times while reading or studying the Bible, a verse, a word, or a situation that you read will spark a thought.  This thought could be anything from an encouraging feeling from God or a strong chastisement regarding something in your life.  It could be a word from God to repent of some sin in your life, or a new direction God wants you to go. It may be something big, or something seemingly small. Whatever it was, if God impressed upon you something, it is important. Did this happen to you while doing this lesson? If so, write it down so you don't forget it, and then spend some time praying about it.  Until next time, may God bless your walk with Him.