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Philippians 1:3


PHILIPPIANS 1:3 … I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,


I thanke my God vpon euery remembrance of you,


ευχαριστω τω θεω μου επι παση τη μνεια υμων
eucaristew/eucharisteo: thank
o/ho: the
qeoV/theos: God
mou/mou: my
epi/epi: upon
paV/pas: to all
o/ho: the
mneia/mneia: remembrance
umwn/humon: you

Significant in this apostolic prayer is the absence from it of any list of things Paul needed to receive from God, and the predominance of those things for which Paul felt the need of giving thanks to God! Paul's prayers were more like a list of things he has already received and for which thanksgiving was offered. One is struck with the startling difference of many prayers heard today.

Joy is the key word of Philippians; and Barclay has given a beautiful outline of the joy Paul communicated in this loving letter: CHRISTIAN JOY INCLUDES ...

The joy of prayer Philippians 1:4
The joy that Jesus Christ is preached Philippians 1:18
The joy of faith Philippians 1:25
The joy of seeing Christians in fellowship together Philippians 2:2
The joy of suffering for Christ Philippians 2:17
The joy of news of a loved one Philippians 2:28
The joy of Christian hospitality Philippians 2:29
The joy of the man who has been baptized into Christ Philippians 3:1 & 4:1
The joy of the man who has won one soul for the Lord Philippians 4:1
The joy inherent in every gift (Philippians 4:10), this being not in regard merely to its value but to the fact of another's caring.

Christian joy is an emotion unspeakably higher than that which may be occasioned by mirth, pleasure, fun, hilarity, gladness, laughter, delight, and the whole family of related emotions unworthy to be compared to Christian joy, that glorious emotion which is not only eternal but sacred, pure and holy as well.

In Philippians 1:3-5, Paul's words seem to be more than usually earnest and impassioned. He dwells long and fondly on the subject; "He repeats words and accumulates clauses in the intensity of hIs feeling."

Many have written on the technical meaning of fellowship as inclusive of liberality and many other virtues, such as sharing; but Boice has a priceless note on it thus:
First day refers to the first day of Paul's preaching in Philippi Acts 16:13 Amazingly, this church had contributed financially to Paul's support throughout their acquaintance with the apostle. All people should take this lesson to heart. The true extent of one's love of the Lord is measured by "the amount of sacrifice he is prepared to make to help in the progress of the gospel."