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Mid-State Bible Institute was founded by Dr. Carl Whorely in 2012 for the purpose of educating and equipping God's faithful in such a time as this.  MSBI focuses in on the fundamentals of Bible knowledge, Evangelistic ministries, and the core tenants of the Christian faith.  After only three years, you will not only have a Bachelors degree in Biblical Theology, but, more importantly, you will have all the tools you need to faithfully fulfill your calling.  We look forward to working side by side with you to fulfill the great commission.

At Mid-State Bible Institute, we do not charge for your classes. All that we ask is that you register, take the classes in the order that we list them, and complete and return each exam. To get started, please click on the "REGISTER" link below and submit your information.  We will contact you after you are approved.


Online Classes
Available Now

These classes are free for anyone to take. If you are not wanting to earn a degree, please feel free to take whichever classes you want, in any order you want to.  However, If you would like to earn degree, please click on the "Register" button above first, so we can enroll you in the free Bible Institute classes.  Please take the classes in order, starting from the left column. To earn a specific degree, all classes listed in that column, as well as all classes listed in prior columns must be completed.  Please submit only six lesson per week at the most.  We do not want our students rushing through the lessons.  Take your time, look up the Bible verses listed, and study the material. Submit the test only after you are confident with the material. As on-line classes are new, not all classes listed are complete, but are being updated and completed as quickly as possible.


Basic Bible
50 Credits needed





New Testament
10 Credits


1 & 2
5 Credits


Systematic Theology