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Is Riding a Harley a sin?

Adam from Florida wrote and ask a question that I have been ask many times in the past in different ways.  He ask, " parents told me that riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle was a sin and I should get rid of it.  They don't seem to think that other cycles are bad, just Harley's.  They said it was in the Bible. Can you tell me where?  Thanks, Adam."

Well Adam, I can say with absolute certainty that the Bible does not mention Harley Motorcycles anywhere...or any other type of cycle for that matter.  When I have been ask similar questions in the past, one verse was always used to justify why something should not be done... 1Th 5:22  "Abstain from all appearance of evil. "  I would suspect that in your area, people who ride a Harley have a reputation as being "bad"... at least in your parents eyes, and they feel that if you ride one, you must be part of that "bad" crowd,  or they don't want others to think you are part of them.  In their eyes, riding a Harley is giving the "appearance" of evil.

There is a lot to be said about this Biblical teaching.  It means exactly what it says.... Stay away from anything that could give the appearance that you are sinning.  In regards to motorcycles in general, in some areas riding any motorcycle could give the appearance of evil doing.  In some areas of the world, riding a "hog" (Harley) can associate you with biker gangs, drugs, and other illegal activities.  However, in other areas, Harley riders do not have a bad reputation at all, and riding one would not give the appearance of evil. 

Lets be clear.... Riding any bike, in and of itself, is not a sin.  Riding a Harley is no more a sin then riding in a Ford Pick-up truck.  Being part of the illigal activities that are associated with some bike gangs is.  Try to discuss this with your parents in an honorable, God fearing manor.  Maybe they will come to see that just because some law breakers use Harley Motorcycles to get around does not mean all Harley riders are bad, no more then a murder using a Ford Pick-up truck to dumb a body makes all Ford drivers bad. 

You didn't mention how old you are Adam, or if you still live with your parents.  There is another issue to remember in regards to your question.  God tells us to honor and obey are parents as well.  If you are a minor, or living under your parents roof, This may not be a fight you should jump into right now.  Wait until you are an adult on your own and then make the decision yourself.  Until then, talk to your parents about this  and if they still refuse to see things your way, back off and honor their decisions.  God will bless you in the end.  Good luck and God bless.

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