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Evangelism For The 21st Century

Week Four

Mid-State Bible Institute

Paul Dodson

With this lesson we are now one third the way done with this class.  By now 

you have probably started to notice that Evangelism is something that the 

Christian Worker has to plan for. It is not something you just “go do”.  You 

must know God’s Word at least enough to share Scripture.  You need to have 

a plan, and you need to be right with God yourself.  One of the reasons most 

evangelistic efforts sees no fruit is because the Christian worker is not 

prepared.  But, there is another reason that evangelism fails many times. 

That reason is because the Christian workers heart is not in it to start with. 

They would rather be doing something else…anything, just not evangelism.

Many Christian workers approach Evangelism like a job…something that has 

to be done, or something that they “have to” do.  If you have ever had a job 

that you did not like, or a job that you loved, you will understand my next 

statement.  For Evangelism to be successful, it must be a way of life, not a 

job. If you approach Evangelism like a job, people will see it.  They will know 

that you are not sincere, and that you really don’t care.  In 21st century 

Evangelism, people need to know you care.  They are looking for something 

real.  The custom of the Rabbi’s during the life of Jesus was to wait until 

students would come to them and ask if they could be their student.  The 

Rabbi would then take them under their wings and teach them with the hopes 

that some day, they would pass on the information to others.  But, when 

Jesus started His earthly ministry, He did the exact opposite.  In Matthew 

4:19, Jesus approaches Peter and Andrew and says, “follow me and I will 

make you fishers of men”.  By doing this, Jesus was establishing a new norm.  

No longer was the teacher to sit around a wait for a student to pass on 

information to, but was to go out and find students to transform.  Notice in this 

verse that Jesus did not say, “follow me and I’ll give you some information”.  

No, He said, “I will make you…”.  What Jesus had to offer was not just 

information, but a transformation.  When we approach Evangelism as a Job, 

we end up just passing on information as the Rabbi’s did.  But, if it is our way 

of life, if we really believe and live what we are saying, our Evangelistic 

endeavors become transforming to those who hear.

“The call to evangelize is a call to do what Jesus did, and it is a very high 

calling.  Evangelism in the local church is not a program, a Bible study, or 

fellowship time.  Evangelism is the very DNA on which the church was born, 

grows, thrives, and reproduces” (Evangelism for the 21st Century, Dr. Kevin 

Riggs, page 39).  At this point I would like you to read Ephesians 4:11.  

Notice in this passage that there are five offices in the church…. Apostles, 

Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers.  The Apostle is a “messenger, 

or someone who is sent”, The Prophet is a “foreteller”, the Evangelist is a 

person who “preaches the Gospel, the Pastor is “a shepherd”, and the 

Teacher is “an instructor”.  In this verse, Paul is telling us that God calls us to 

different ministries.  And the ministry that has the sole function of preaching 

the Gospel is the Evangelist.  Without this, there is no church.  Without 

evangelism, there is no need for a teacher or preacher.  Without the 

21st Century Evangelist, the work of the “messenger” and the “foreteller” 

would be in vain.  And if we approach it as a job, the transformation will never 

take place.  Is it any wonder that many churches are closing their doors?  Is it 

any wonder that Christianity has lost it’s power?  

Another reason, that goes hand-in-hand with this thought is that we have lost 

our joy.  Christians today, especially in America, have no joy in their Christian 

walk.  Church to them is something they are suppose to do, instead of 

something to look forward to.  God created us to be part of a community. He 

built within each of us a sense of needing to belong. In Hebrews 10:25, God 

tells us to not forsake “the assembling of ourselves together…”.  God created 

us to be part of a Christian fellowship.  But since so many churches have lost 

their first love, and there is no room for Jesus inside anymore.  The love of 

many has grown cold.  Fellowship and communion together is a thing of the 

past.  The Joy that passes all understanding is gone, and as a result, 

Evangelism has become a thing of the past.  If your not happy about your 

Christian community, are you going to go and share the Gospel with others? 

Probably not.  If going to church is boring, Evangelism will be boring.  If you 

don’t love Church, you wont love Evangelism. And if going to the house of 

God is a chore to you, Evangelism will be a chore to you as well.  We see a 

wonderful example of this in Acts 2.  In this chapter we read that the 

community of believers met regularly to teach, fellowship, break bread 

together, pray.  And then in verse 47 we read, “and the Lord added to their 

number daily those who were being saved”.  You want an 

effective Evangelistic ministry?  Get happy about Church again.



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